Pilates and Fit for Life Classes


Day & Time : Wed & Thu 8.30am Length : 1 hr

Fee : Per term

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The Treatment Room

Fit For Life

Day & Time : Thu 10am

Length : 1 hr

Fee : £6.50 per session

No Classes - COVID-19

All classes have been suspended until further notice due to the Coronavirus situation.  

We will be in touch with you when we can re-open The Treatment Room.

Class Information

These classes started in November 2014. It is a small friendly class which is ideal for both men and women who need to improve their CORE STRENGTH and STRETCH! This class is limited to 10 clients and you must PREBOOK your space.

Exquisite location, lovely views, intimate and relaxing.

  • Day and Time: Wednesday/Thursday at 8.30am

  • Location: The Treatment Room, Fen Farm, Padney, Wicken

  • Level: Mixed ability

  • Equipment used: Mat, Dynaband, Small Ball, Ring, Foam Roller and Hog

  • Suitable for: Women and Men

  • Fees: Termly, on the day £7.50 (must prebook) or for a number of classes at £6.60

  • Spaces: Full on a Wednesday, but have 2 spaces on a Thursday morning


General Information

Small, friendly mat based Pilates class which was established over 6 years ago. Here we concentrate on posture and technique but we also do lots of stretch exercises designed to lengthen and strengthen the entire body. Tight hamstrings, sore muscles and poor core strength can affect your whole posture leading to discomfort. Increase your range of movement, decrease your risk of injury and improve your quality of life.

Class Information

Fit for life is an all encompassing Fitness System.
Alicia has been teaching it since 1997. It is invaluable for all skill levels, ages and abilities. 

Each week we will include a different set of exercises which you can go home and practice.

You will be taught the ancient system of Qi Gong a calming relaxing form of movement, some Pilates moves, light Yoga, all important breathing training, general fitness exercises and simple Meditation.


You will be laying on the mat, standing or on a chair. 
You will need light clothing a mat, block and blanket. Classes are 6:50 per session. 
All proceeds go to Caring for Cambridgeshire’s Homeless.

Exquisite location, lovely views, intimate and relaxing.

  • Day and Time: Thursday at 10am

  • Location: The Treatment Room, Fen Farm, Padney, Wicken

  • Level: Any level

  • Equipment used: Mat, block and blanket

  • Suitable for: Women and Men

  • Fees: £6.50 per session - all proceeds go to Caring for Cambridgeshire's Homeless

  • Spaces: There are spaces